Want To Know When A T-Rex Is Coming? Get A T-Rex Alarm

When the Jurassic World returns to life through some misguided manipulation of DNA and cloning you want to be totally prepared. And now you can be with a T-Rex Alarm. It is low-tech and guaranteed to work. Just add water.

T-Rex Alarm (Image via Jurassic June)T-Rex Alarm (Image via Jurassic June)

This highly sensitive alarm will not only let you know of an approaching T-Rex, it will also let you know if there is an earthquake, a large truck coming down the street, or a teenager clomping around the house in his or her ski boots. Water not included.

Should the alarm go off for an approaching T-Rex be sure to freeze until it passes. If it is an earthquake then freeze inside a door frame. If it is a teenager, be prepared to yell "no ski boots in the house!" Should it be a truck no action is required unless you want to look out the window to see if it is stopping somewhere interesting.

Warning: The alarm may become disabled by the cat due to water consumption. Be sure to refill from time to time to ensure maximum efficiency.

Source: Jurassic June