Want A Laser-Guided Pizza Cutter For Your Precious Pies?

Making your own pizza at home is a wonderful thing -- right up until you have to cut it. If you are like me you are most likely to end up with a crooked arc rather than a straight line. With a Tactical Laser-Guided Pizza Cutter you worries are over and you can cut along a straight line. It is the sort of thing that gadget nerds dream about.

Tactical Laser-Guided Pizza CutterTactical Laser-Guided Pizza Cutter

This is the sort of thing that Tim Taylor, the guy on the old Home Improvement television show, would go crazy over. Cutting pizza with "more power" would be right up his alley. Of course he would fiddle with it so that the laser did the actual cutting, overdo it, and cut the table in half along with the pizza. We aren't going to go there.

Tactical Laser-Guided Pizza CutterTactical Laser-Guided Pizza Cutter

This pizza cutter aims a laser in a straight line across the pizza so that you can follow it. With a good eye and a steady hand you can have a straight cut across your pizza.  This doesn't guarantee that each slice will be the same size, but it does give you a better chance of getting there. If you are really good at this you might be able to end the arguments over whose cheese or pepperoni slides off onto the next slice over. 

This gadget is so cool that you may want to start making your own pizza every day just to have an excuse to use it. Just remember that you must hand wash this pizza cutter each time you use it. You will also be going through quite a few AAA batteries if you use it every day. It takes two. 

To get your pizza into the 21st century with a laser, click here.