Want To Make Baked Potatoes More Fun?

One of the simplest and tastiest foods we make to go on the dinner table is the baked potato. There is little we can do to make the dish more interesting beyond the toppings. Most of us have a set of stainless steel nails to shove though those russets to help them cook more evenly -- just like grandma used to do. You can switch that up these days to make those tasty potatoes just a bit more fun with these clever Potato People.

Potato PeoplePotato People

These potato cooking accessories are spud-tacular and something that can delight your kids or guests when they sit down to eat. Instead of the age-old cooking nails you can pierce your taters with spikes that turn them into "people." This clever set of four spikes turns you potatoes into a chef, cowboy, pirate, and fire fighter. As with the nails they help the potato bake more evenly, completely, and quickly.

Potato PeoplePotato People

Your guests or kids can have just a bit of fun with their spuds by getting to choose their favorite before digging in and making a choice of tasty toppings -- butter, sour cream, chives, cheese, bacon, gravy . . . is anyone else getting hungry now?

The Potato People spikes can be used with all kinds of potatoes as well as yams and sweet potatoes. You can use them in the oven or on the grill so they travel well. They can also add a touch of humor to the holiday meals coming up.

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