Want To Make Fortune Cookies With Your Own Fortunes?

Fortune cookies are something that everyone looks forward to at the end of a meal of Chinese food. It is not so much for the cookie itself as for the message inside. While these can be a lot of fun -- especially if you add the words "in bed" to the end, sometimes they can also fall flat. You can make your own fortune cookies, complete with fortune, with the nifty Fortune Cookie Maker.

Fortune Cookie MakerFortune Cookie Maker

This fun little kitchen appliance makes two fortune cookies at a time and comes with the instructions and tools to help you make your own good fortune. The non-stick surface of the cooking plates makes for easy clean up afterwards.

Fortune Cookie MakerFortune Cookie Maker

It even comes with FDA-approved fortune cookie paper and pen for writing down the fortunes you want to give. Make them serious or funny -- whatever suits your personality. Of course, you can always live just a tad more dangerously and just print those fortunes from the computer -- that's what I would do. I would also be the one to go with the funny fortunes. I'm thinking "Your cat will throw up in your shoes," or "One of your farts will light up the world."

Fortune Cookie MakerFortune Cookie Maker

You can customize your cookies by adding things like strawberries or chocolate (ooooo, blueberry fortune cookies!) to the batter, or dipping the finished cookies into white, milk, or dark chocolate and sprinkles. You can tailor them to fit special occasions such as weddings, graduations, holidays, and more.

This is a great gift for your favorite foodie or that person who loves kitchen gadgets galore. It can be a fun activity to do with the entire family. It could even become a family tradition.

To order a Fortune Cookie Maker for yourself or as a gift, click here.

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