Want To Make Sure You Get Married? Marry Yourself

The people who are still arguing over the right for gay people to marry one another are living in the past. The recent news out of Houston about single woman Yasmin Eleby married herself in a big wedding. There seems to be a growing trend of women choosing to marry themselves rather than continue torturing themselves in the search for Mr. Right. Of course this isn't at all legal, but these women are making some rather firm statement about the modern state of relationships.

Actually these women are making these statements to themselves and the people in their lives that they are strong proud women who are happy and complete without a husband. You might call it a sort of backlash against the centuries of stigma against unmarried women. These days women no longer need to marry as a method of survival. 

Grace Gelder Tosses the Bouquet (Image via Mirror)Grace Gelder Tosses the Bouquet (Image via Mirror)

Last year in Britain a young woman named Grace Gelder, a successful photographer, was inspired by the Björk song "Isobel" to propose to herself on a park bench and then stage a wedding with 50 guests. The lyrics "My name's Isobel, married to myself" spoke to Gelder after six years of dealing with dating and the singles scene. During that time she had developed a wonderful relationship with herself, but no one else.

She went for the whole nine yards with a dress, a ring, and the ceremony in an old farmhouse. She wrote her own vows and even ended the ceremony by kissing herself in a mirror. While her choice to do this may seem a bit narcissistic, but it came as the result of a journey of self-awareness and self-respect that she had been on.

In 2012 Nadien Schweigert of North Dakota married herself and had the assembled friends and family blow kisses to the world at the end of the ceremony. For her the action was a celebration of how far she had come after her painful divorce six years earlier when her two children chose to live with their father. 

"I feel very empowered, very happy, very joyous . . . I want to share that with people, and also the people that were in attendance, it's a form of accountability," she said. She has stopped waiting for someone to come along to make her happy. She is now taking responsibility for and ownership of her own happiness.

Chen Wei-yih on her Wedding Day (Image via Weird Asia News)Chen Wei-yih on her Wedding Day (Image via Weird Asia News)

Before that in 2010 a young woman in Taiwan woman by the name of Chen Wei-yih was tired of being nagged by family and friends about getting married when love was remaining elusive for her. She has hoped that she is sending a message to parents about not pressuring their children, especially girls, about getting married. After her ceremony she accompanied herself on a honeymoon to Australia.

Most recently it was Yasmin Eleby of Houston who walked down the aisle. At 40 she has a successful career, but no husband to share her life with. So instead she chose to marry herself in a spiritual ceremony with three ministers officiating and ten bridesmaids. She was walked down the aisle by her mother. Like the other women who have married themselves she was making a very public statement of being a complete person without a man to get her there.

 Yasmin Eleby at her Wedding (Image via Daily Mail)Yasmin Eleby at her Wedding (Image via Daily Mail)

None of these women have made any statement about ruling men out of their lives, they are just empowering themselves to be complete and happy women if that never happens. The good news for men here is being relieved of the unrealistic responsibility of being the ones charged with "making" women happy.

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