Want To Make Tea Like A Science Nerd?

Being nerdy and geeky has become kind of cool these days and that is great for those of us who actually are nerdy and geeky. We, like everyone else, enjoy relaxing with a cup of tea. Now we can relax the nerdier side of ourselves even more with this cool Teatube Test Tube Tea Infuser. It is just right for turning tea time into a laboratory experiment.

 Teatube Test Tube Tea InfuserTeatube Test Tube Tea Infuser

Before you start don't forget to write down your hypothesis in your lab notebook. Mine would say something about using tea leaves and water to create an herbal infusion that causes relaxation when taken internally. Of course, this means that I am not conducting this experiment with Red Zinger. More likely a chamomile blend.

All you need to do is put loose tea leaves in the tube and seal it with the wooden stopper that also acts as a handle for stirring. Place the leaf-filled tube in a beaker -- er, umm -- mug or cup of hot water to continue the experiment. When the infusion is complete, remove the test tube and move on to the next phase -- enjoyment! Some of you will do an additional infusion stage with honey or sugar to increase enjoyment.

Teatube Test Tube Tea InfuserTeatube Test Tube Tea Infuser

This infuser is glass, so you do need to be careful with it. Wash gently by hand and use a bottle brush. It is the perfect item to have on hand when you invite scientists over for tea and a discussion on chemical repercussions of global warming.

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