Want To Make Your Christmas Greener? Rent A Live Tree!

Chances are you have already got your Christmas tree this year, but there is something new emerging on the market -- the rental of live Christmas trees. Each year 25-30 million evergreens are harvested to be sold as Christmas trees and at any given time 350 million trees are being grown on farms throughout the U.S. It is a tremendous amount of waste -- even if the tree remains are recycled into mulch. Using a live tree is the ultimate in recycling AND still having a real tree.

Live Christmas Tree Rentals (Image via Facebook)Live Christmas Tree Rentals (Image via Facebook)

Companies like Living Christmas have been springing up lately offering the rental of live trees for the holiday season that are picked up afterwards to go back to the farm to continue to grow for future generations. Company founder and lead Christmas caroler Scott Martin, or Scotty Claus, came of age working in nurseries and delivering traditional holiday trees. He was always saddened to see the discarded trees out on the curb after the fact and decided that there had to be a better way that didn't require the killing of the trees.

Live Christmas Tree Rentals (Image via Facebook)Live Christmas Tree Rentals (Image via Facebook)

Martin eventually decided to meld the joy of Christmas with being environmentally responsible. He hopes that his business will help create a new Christmas tradition for people everywhere that will save not only the trees, but the resources needed to harvest and dispose of traditional trees.

Each tree is delivered alive with its roots growing in a pot and then returned to the nursery later. Those that are suited to move on to the next year may be re-potted as needed for more growing space. Not all trees make the cut to move on in this manner, but not to worry! Trees that can't move on in this fashion still go on to live fulfilling tree lives. They are donated to urban reforestation projects such as Tree Musketeers to retire and be planted in urban environments were trees are badly needed. Last year the company donated 36 living trees to the project.

Live Christmas Tree Rentals (Image via Facebook)Live Christmas Tree Rentals (Image via Facebook)

The company recommends keeping the tree on a flat surface and away from such hazards as heating vents and fireplaces. You should also water it every couple of days. In addition, since these are baby trees at only 6 years old, they recommend giving the tree a name and singing songs to it on a regular basis -- especially Christmas carols. I would think that reading Christmas stories to it at night before bed would probably go a long way in keeping the tree happy and healthy.

The Living Christmas Company also has an online store where you can purchase environmentally responsible ornaments, gift wrap, LED lights, and a few stocking stuffers. 

You also don't really need to worry about Christmas tree farmers going out of business. They, too, could go green and start renting trees for a living. This is definitely a business idea whose time has come.

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