Want To Make Your Farts Smell Better? Take A Pill!

One of the great scourges of society since the dawn of man has been our periodic ability to produce copious amounts of odiferous methane. In other words, we can really stink up the place with our farts. It is a fact that is met with both agony and jest, especially when stuck in close quarters with one another. What to do? The answer is here! A little old man in France, Christian Poincheval, put his inventor hat on and has come up with a simple little pill that will make all that gas a whole lot more pleasant.

Christian Poincheval with one of his pills (Image via Lutin Malin)Christian Poincheval with one of his pills (Image via Lutin Malin)

According to Poincheval, the necessity that became the mother of invention in this case was a dinner with friends. By all accounts the wind was blowing so hard that evening that they were all at risk of suffocation. He decided that something needed to be done and that it was up to him to do it.

His pills are aimed at easing indigestion and are made of all natural ingredients like seaweed, fennel, and blueberries. While they aren't going to get rid of your flatulence, they will change those farts into gentle wafts of roses, violets, or chocolate depending on which pills you order. That chocolate smell was introduced just this year for Christmas.

As everyone knows, human farts are only a part of the equation for toxic emissions. Dogs can shoot out air biscuits that can make you run off the road if you are stuck in the car at the time. Never fear, Poincheval has also created a powder to detoxify those icky dog farts.

So next time you are dealing with a frenzy of flatulence, remember that there is one Frenchman out there who has your back . . . side. Thbbbbbbbbbt!

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