Want To Make Your Own Bride And Groom For The Cake?

There are many, many bride and groom figures out there to choose from for the top of the wedding cake. My niece and her new husband used a Smurf couple on theirs. It can be hard to make a choice of the right design to top your cake. There is one other option available to you -- a DIY Wedding Cake Topper Kit. That way you can design the right bride and groom to go with your special day.

DIY Wedding Cake Topper KitDIY Wedding Cake Topper Kit

The kit comes with everything you need to paint your own bride and groom -- paints, sandpaper, dolls, and instructions. You can customize the dolls to look something like the happy couple including the design of the dress. There are even two extra dolls in the kit just in case you screw things up on the first ones. The dolls are made from sustainable Urapan wood grown in Colombia.

These days you may need to modify things slightly. If you look at it in another way, you can use the kit for a gay couple and a lesbian couple. Don't look shocked. This is the way things are for some people. And the cake still tastes the same. A little extra painting and this couple can also be any race.

You don't need to be limited to weddings either. You can paint them into your little princess or soccer star for her birthday, or your little spaceman or cowboy for his birthday.

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