Want To Make Your Snacking Less Noticeable? Try "Glass" Potato Chips

When you see a bag of Lay's Mango Salsa Flavored Potato Chips you may think that you've seen just about everything when it comes to chips. But you may not have seen Glass Potato Chips. While they look like they might be some glass design concept they are actually made of potatoes -- well, sort of. These chips are more derived from potatoes rather than made of thinly sliced potatoes.

Glass Potato Chips (Image via Instructables)Glass Potato Chips (Image via Instructables)

The true beginning of the traditional potato chip is lost to the mists of time and myths abound as to who was first and where they started. All indicators point to the early- to mid-18th century that this particular food began to change history. It eventually changed the life of the sandwich as well.

One of the big problems with this transparent potato chip is that you can't buy them. If you want to try them you have to make them yourself -- or con a gourmet cooking friend into doing it. The other problem is that the process is incredibly labor intensive. One step alone takes 8-10 hours.

Glass Potato Chips (Image via Instructables)Glass Potato Chips (Image via Instructables)

The original recipe came from Hamid Salimian, the chef at Diva at the Met. From there Imnopeas recreated it and put the step-by-step instructions for doing the recipe yourself at home on the Instructables website. Check out the recipe for yourself by clicking here.

The chips are reportedly very tasty and worth the time and required patience.I would love to try them one day, but it will not be by my own hand. I lack the necessary patience -- and cooking skills

What next for potato chips? I'm thinking that some enterprising cook will add food coloring to this recipe and make stained glass potato chips. 

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