Want To Mix Killer Cocktails? A Shaker Shark Will Help

We live in a time when nothing has to be the same old boring things that they have been for years. Case in point -- a cocktail shaker no longer needs to be plain and just functional.  These days it can be artistic or a part of your entertaining decor. With a Shark Shaker you can be mixing killer drinks with an extra little bite to them. It is just the thing for partying on your yacht -- or your pretend yacht (the patio).

Shark Shaker (Image via Cool Things)Shark Shaker (Image via Cool Things)

Before you start imagining that you will need a bigger boat, this shark just holds a nice 20 ounces of alcohol, ice, and whatever else it can swallow. It is a stainless steel shaker covered with shark-shaped aluminum. It has a somewhat steampunk look to it. So it will work for any steampunk cosplay you may get involved in.

You can also get creative with how you mix your drinks with this shaker. Make your whiskey sours in here with Cutty Sark and you can call your cocktail a Shark Sark (or a Sark Shark). Anybody up for a Sharktini? How about a Manhattan Loan Shark? The Shark Shaker could be why the Bloody Mary is so bloody.

Shark Shaker (Image via Cool Things)Shark Shaker (Image via Cool Things)

Because of the design of the shaker you can't stand it on end, but it can be set on its pectoral fins. That is more realistic anyway. Well, as realistic as a Shark Shaker can get. When you remove the shark's head you will find a normal cocktail shaker lid and you know what to do from there.

If you really want to do your Shark Week party up right this summer, you can serve up your Absolut Tornado as a Sharknado.

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