Want A Mug That Warns Coworkers Away?

There are times when it would be handy to be able to warn your coworkers or boss away -- especially before you've had your coffee. This clever Grenade Mug comes with a warning and a way to take care of any complaints coming your way while you are working on said coffee, especially on those days when you need three or four before you can be considered truly human.

Grenade MugGrenade Mug

The ceramic mug resembles a hand grenade with the mug handle looking like the handle of a grenade. A note on the mug warns that if you have a complaint then you had better take a number. There is only one number and it is attached to the pin of the grenade. Take that number then you and your complaint will be forwarded to kingdom come post haste.

If you have one of these mugs on your desk you will totally be "da bomb." It is also the perfect mug for those times when you are likely to shoot your mouth off. You'll find that it's also a blast as a gift for an office mate or a friend.

To order a Grenade Mug for yourself or an explosive sort of friend, click here.

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