Want A Natural Deodorant You Make Youself? Get Your Kit

You know the drill -- checking your pits before you leave the house and if you don't pass out from the stench you figure you are probably good to go. Of course you plaster on some deodorant to prevent such blackouts, but how many chemicals are you getting into each time you do that? Worse -- what if you have a serious sensitivity to those chemicals. Well, you can get this cool Make Your Own Deodorant Kit.

Applying Deodorant (Image via imgarcade)Applying Deodorant (Image via imgarcade)

This kit is an awesome option to the standard, off-the-shelf deodorants. You are able to see what goes in it and know what you are really putting on your body. It is completely natural, vegan, and cruelty free. The kit contains all the ingredients you will need to make three sticks of deodorant.

You will need to use a double boiler to melt and mix the ingredients. This is not something that everyone has, but I make do with a pot of boiling water and setting a metal bowl with handles into it. You will enjoy the natural benefits of coconut oil, aloe leaf extracts, and arrowroot powder to keep yourself fresh all day long. You have a choice of scents in lavender and amber essential oils, though I assume that you could choose your own essential oil to put in it to create a custom scent just for you.

Make Your Own Deodorant KitMake Your Own Deodorant Kit

Since this contains nut/tree nut oils do not use if you are allergic. Stop use if irritation occurs and consult a physician if the irritation persists. There is no point in smelling good if you are going to be scratching all the time.

To order a Make Your Own Deodorant Kit for yourself or as a tactful gift for someone you love or have to sit next to at work, click here.