Want This New Cool Gadget? The Toolbox Hair Clip

There is an iconic image in everyone's mind about someone who can save themselves or the world with just the right manipulation of a hair pin. This is generally done by MacGyver who could get out of just about any bad situation with a few feet of dental floss and a paperclip. Now you can join the likes of the mullet-wearing hero by wearing these awesome hair clips that are Leatherdos Mini Tools Clips.

 Leatherdos Mini Tools ClipsLeatherdos Mini Tools Clips

If you are a guy it may be a little difficult to walk around with these in your hair --unless they are holding you yarmulke in place or you are really comfortable with your manhood. But it you have your girlfriend with you then you will have it made in the shade. If you are a girl, well, then you are ready to kick ass at any moment while keeping your hair out of your eyes.

Leatherdos Mini Tools ClipsLeatherdos Mini Tools Clips

These handy dandy little hair clips look much like other generic hair clips at first glance. Upon closer examination you will find that these miracle clips hide a number of handy tools -- a ruler, a serrated cutting edge, three screwdrivers, an 8mm wrench, and a "trolley coin." Not bad for a tiny thing you can hide in your hair.

One of the great things about this little gadget is that you can have it in your hair or on your key chain with no one being the wiser. It is something you can get by with when it needs to not be as noticeable as a Leatherman or a Swiss Army Knife -- like for that sudden zombie apocalypse. Even the TSA isn't going to strip you of these little babies.

Leatherdos Mini Tools ClipsLeatherdos Mini Tools Clips

The design builds on a woman's ability to use a butter knife as a screwdriver and a shoe as a hammer. It was designed by Yaacov Goldberg for the design store Monkey Business. 

Are there more uses for this Leatherdos Mini Tools Clip? These are pictures of them being used for a makeshift oil lamp and to zest a lemon. The rest is up to you and your ability to think laterally. I'm thinking emergency bag clip. What about you?

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