Want The Perfect Gift For Your Basketball Fan? Try The Basketball Hoop Mug

Basketball season may be over for now, but you can still have the fun and excitement of keeping your hoop dreams alive. Of course you can you sweat yourself to death this summer on the court searching for your sweet spot, or you can do it in the comfort of your own home with one of these amazing Mug With A Hoop cups.

The Mug With A HoopThe Mug With A Hoop

This adorable mug in the shape of half of a basketball has the added charm of an actual tiny basketball hoop and backboard attached. The generous bowl of the mug means that it is also great for eating soup and cereal.

Another amazing thing about this mug is that it was designed by a 9-year-old named Max, a young entrepreneur and sports enthusiast. His philosophy is "the world would be better if we could play with our food!" The mug's prototype was made by Max in art class. He believes that this is a great item for people who can't go out to play basketball, like sick or injured kids, or people needing occupational therapy.

While you are drinking your hot cocoa you can take the time to relax and slam dunk a few marshmallows. Having soup for lunch? Then how about doing free throws with your oyster crackers? You could even do a few layups to get the blueberries in with your oatmeal.

Since you are the coach and whole team, how you make use of the mug is up to you. To order your Mug With A Hoop, click here.