Want This New Innovation? Cookies That Hook On Your Cup

Most of us love to eat a good cookie once in awhile. It is the perfect thing to accompany a glass of milk, or a cup of coffee or tea. The problem is that the standard round shape or standard cut-out shapes are just getting kind of boring. A new type of cookie cutter is here to brighten our coffee breaks -- the Hookie Cookie. It hangs on to the edge of the glass, cup, or mug of your choice.

Hookie CookieHookie Cookie

All you need is your favorite recipes for roll-out cookies and make them the way you do for special occasions. This is also a great activity to share with your kids. The frosting (or not) is up to you. 

Hookie CookieHookie Cookie

The set comes with four shapes -- a puppy, a toucan, a dolphin, and squirrel. Each one is designed to hang on to your favorite cookie-pairing beverage. This is also a great idea for kids' birthday parties and tea parties. It is the perfect gift for moms who bake.

To order you own Hookie Cookie set of 4 cookie cutters, click here.

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