Want This New Innovation? Dragon Hoodie

Hoodies may be an extremely popular fashion choice, but, let's face it, they tend to all be pretty much the same. Sweat shirt material jacket with a hood, maybe a graphic on it. It is time to go wild with these babies. Enter the Dragon Hoodie. It is wild and wicked, and based on the character Toothless in the film "How to Train your Dragon."

Dragon HoodieDragon Hoodie

If you have ever dreamed of being a dragon then this is your chance to step up and give it a try! This hoodie comes complete with dragon crest, wings, "escape" claws, and a detachable tail. It is just up to you to provide the soulful eyes and enigmatic grin.

 Dragon HoodieDragon Hoodie

Don't let the pictures fool you. They are not form-fitting as shown. They were pinned to make them look extra stylish on the mannequins. Each hoodie is one unisex size -- medium. If you aren't into the original black then you can select the cool white with rainbow accents -- think about Toothless having a flashy sister.

Dragon HoodieDragon Hoodie

Now this hoodie is totally awesome, but if you bought one would you actually wear it among the general public? Or would you save it for those all-important special occasions like Halloween and the annual trek to ComicCon or your favorite sci-fi/fantasy convention? Perhaps you would just curl up in your while watching The Big Bang Theory and drinking cocoa out of your Darth Vader mug?

Dragon HoodieDragon Hoodie

How you do your dragon is up to you, of course. Just remember, when you are a dragon, be kind to humans. We can be pretty stupid.

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