Want This New Innovation? Green Box: The Pizza Box Reinvented

Pizza for takeout or delivery has become a staple in the American diet for a large part of the population. Those boxes are a bit of a problem. First of all it is hard to store leftover pizza in the box because it won't always fit in the fridge. Second, it never fits in the trash or, better yet, recycling and is hard to fold into a shape that will. That is not to mention getting out plates. The Green Box pizza box is here to address these issues.

Green BoxGreen Box

The Green Box looks a lot like the standard pizza box but it is made from recyclied materials. A closer look at the box will show perforated lines that you don't see on other boxes and that is where the magic comes in. It is almost like doing an odd sort of origami with the box -- and not coming up with a pterodactyl. In fact, it rather makes dinosaurs out of the standard range of pizza boxes.

Green BoxGreen Box

The box lid can be removed along one perforation and then torn into four separate plates so that you don't need to wash dishes later -- or save getting out your own paper plates. Once dinner is over and you want to wrap up the leftovers, the bottom of the box folds into a smaller box for storage. This smaller box should fit in any size refrigerator.

Green BoxGreen Box

Ecovention, LLC, (ECO) has designed this and other take out boxes (for wings, doughnuts, sandwiches, etc.) to meet the increasing need for green products in this field. The ideas behind this design are to add utility, make use of sustainable materials, reduce the carbon footprint of the product, and to divert waste from entering landfills.

The Green Box has set a new bar for excellence in food packaging so that it is time for other companies to step up their game. While the photos here show Green Box with its own printed design, custom printing is available of course. The new box design is competitively priced with the older models.

It is time to start thinking outside the crust. Or, as ECO says, "Saving the environment one pizza box at a time."

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