Want This New Innovation? Hobbit Feet Socks

There is just something about The Shire from J.R.R. Tolkien's books that makes it so attractive. Perhaps it is the pastoral peacefulness. Perhaps it is the lush, green landscape with those cute Hobbit holes cut into the hillsides. Whatever it may be, to be able to fit into life in The Shire you need a nice pair of Hobbit feet -- and you can with Hobbit Feet Socks.

Hobbit Feet SocksHobbit Feet Socks

The feet. Perhaps it is the feet. All those cute little men with great big feet. Well, you know what they say. . . 

But I digress. Hobbits do not wear shoes. Their feet are sturdy, calloused, and covered with hair to keep them warm. Most of us just can't compete with that kind of fur. So we need to use a bit of subterfuge to pass as a Hobbit. Like with socks that provide us with a smidgen of extra size and, more importantly, the appearance of some nice, sturdy, curly hair on your feet.

Hobbit Feet SocksHobbit Feet Socks

These are toe socks that cover each toe individually with the appearance of dark hair knitted right into the socks. That way they won't go bald on you. With these socks you will fit right in with the hirsute little Hobbits. Whether or not you then go on to return the ring to Mount Doom is between you and Gandalf.

The socks themselves are made of cotton and nylon, with a dash of something called elasthane. One size fits most adults. Use them for lounging or just running around the house.

Hobbit Feet SlippersHobbit Feet Slippers

If socks don't appeal to your Hobbit heart, then you may want to go for a pair of Halfling Furry Adventure Slippers. Then your feet will really be big and hairy. 

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