Want This New Innovation? Knee Horsey

Most of us were raised getting to pretend that Daddy's knee was our own personal horse that we would get to ride when he was trying to relax after a long day of work. It was so much fun to do that it is hard to imagine anything better. It turns out there is no need to imagine anymore. Now daddies everywhere can up their game with a cute and fun Knee Horsey. Giddy-up!

Knee HorseyKnee Horsey

Your little buckaroo will make a fabulous, if funny, cowboy or cowgirl when you strap this horse's head to your favorite pair of denims. Queue up some old Roy Rogers and John Wayne flicks to keep you entertained while your sidekick rides the range. Let's face it, this pony puts that old rocking horse to shame.

The horsey is sturdily constructed and bound to be a thoroughbred passed down from one child to another. Realistic galloping and horse sounds are included. All you have to do is press the left ear. 

The head is covered with corduroy and the harness is made of nylon and metal. When the time comes, hand wash only.

The Knee Horsey still leaves plenty of room for a child's imagination and enhances their relationship with daddy. This toy will also help foster lasting fond memories of dear old dad.

Now they just need to make a unicorn version. Whoa!

Source: Perpetual Kid 

EDITOR'S NOTE: For older kids, there is a huge selection of really great looking Rocking Horses at many retailers including here at Amazon.