Want This New Innovation? Safety Bananas

It's an old bit of silent movie shtick to have someone one slip on a discarded banana peel and then do a major pratfall.  These days banana peels are out to improve their image by helping prevent slip and fall incidents. They are doing this by creating The Banana Cone -- something to replace those usual wet floor sandwich boards that we have all learned to ignore.

The Banana ConeThe Banana Cone

So why use a banana peel shape to warn people of a slippery floor? Because of that very same movie shtick cliché. It seems that everyone around the world now associates banana peels with slip and fall incidents. This way, even if someone can't read the messages printed in both English and Spanish, the idea of a slippery surface comes to mind.

The Banana ConeThe Banana Cone

The Banana Cone still uses the standard wording and coloring of the run of the mill wet floor safety signs, but the unique shape of the cone helps it be more eye-catching -- not to mention fun. Believe or not these bananas also come in bunches -- they are sold in three-packs.

The Banana ConeThe Banana Cone

While the lowly banana peel still suffers from the unfortunate stigma of slapstick comedy I would like to see someone take this new kind and try to slip and fall on it. I know that I could manage to trip and fall on one, but that is a story for another day.

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