Want This New Innovation? Shark Sushi Plate

Cue the "Jaws" theme music! Just when you thought it was safe to eat sushi again! Da dum. Da dum. This clever plate for serving sushi and sashimi comes with an open shark's jaw. It is the perfect vessel to handle soy sauce or any other delightful sauce you may have for dipping. You could also fill the shark's mouth with cocktail sauce and serve shrimp.

You otter take a close look at this amazing plate with the great white shark leaping out of it.

Shark Sushi Plate (Image via Incredible Things)Shark Sushi Plate (Image via Incredible Things)

No trout about it, this is one cool plate. If sushi or shrimp cocktail aren't your thing, try fish sticks and tartar sauce and just pretend that it's sushi. Okay, say you aren't into fish of any kind. Then you fill that sucker up with blue cheese dressing and pile up the Buffalo wings. Or go totally red neck and use ketchup and fries. Really, it would work with anything that needs to dip. You don't have to be shellfish with it either, you can use the plate for entertaining and share the  appetizers around. You'll have a whale of a time.

For your seal of approval, this isn't just a piece of crappie. Each plate is handmade by Avigayil of Avi Ceramics. Then you can wave goodbye to serving on those plain old dishes, and make a real splash with your friends.

Shark Sushi Plate (Image via Incredible Things)Shark Sushi Plate (Image via Incredible Things)

Get out your mussels, this plate must be hand washed and it doesn't look lightweight. Don''t be crabby, it is well worth the effort. You may need to flounder about a bit to order one (or more) or you cod just contact her through her Etsy site.

I'm going to clam up now and let you enjoy the photos. As for the sea puns, I just can't kelp myself.

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