Want This New Innovation? Storytime Rocker, The Gift For The Awesome Dad

There is something so special about rocking your child in a rocking chair, whether it is to read a story or relax them to sleep. This is fine as long as you have only one child. With two or three children you need a new style of rocker -- one that allows everyone to see all the pictures in the book. You could do just that with this totally awesome Storytime Rocker.

Taylor in the Storytime Rocker with his Kids (Image via Goods Home Design)Taylor in the Storytime Rocker with his Kids (Image via Goods Home Design)

This cool chair was created by Hal Taylor, a custom rocking chair maker is Fredericksburg, Virginia. He wanted to be able to relax and read to all three of his small children at once. His design reduces some of the need of children to vie for position since all three can be close to dad (or mom) and see what is happening. 

What a dad! Taylor has been studying the art of the rocking chair since he was a kid and has been teaching the art for many years. This has made him an expert in making rocking chairs. He has put his years of knowledge down in a form of a book. To order this book for Kindle, click here.

Storytime Rocker (Image via Goods Home Design)Storytime Rocker (Image via Goods Home Design)

A rocking chair as unique as this is something that will be handed down from one generation to the next as a special family treasure. For the kids who have already gotten to share it with Daddy, the chair is already priceless.

Doing some memorable thing for your kids will stick with them forever. For me it is my memories of my father building me a playhouse in the back yard. I no longer have that playhouse, but I have other things my dad did make -- a bookcase, a cedar chest, and a painting. You don't have to build or make something to create a special memory for your child. Spending good times with them can be just as memorable.

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Storytime Rocker Detail (Image via Goods Home Design)Storytime Rocker Detail (Image via Goods Home Design)

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