Want This New Innovation? Stress Transforming Tea Bags

There are many ways to get your advertising message across to the public, but few are as unique as the one that BOH put out for the launch of their chamomile tea. For an herbal tea product that has been around for hundreds of years you have to get really creative to get the message across about just how soothing and relaxing a cup of tea can be. The result was a tea bag imprinted with a stressful image that melts into a relaxing one when dipped in hot water.

BOH Transforming Tea Bag (Image via SpicyTec)BOH Transforming Tea Bag (Image via SpicyTec)

Instead of spending major dollars on television or print ad campaigns, the ad agency M&C Saatchi employed an updated version of word-of-mouth advertising. Each tea bag was imprinted with a stressful image in edible tea ink that would dissolve to reveal a similar peaceful image. For example, an angry bird of prey transforms into a dove of peace, a snarling bear into a smiling teddy, or a raging inferno into a single candle flame.

BOH Transforming Tea Bag (You Tube Image)BOH Transforming Tea Bag (You Tube Image)

Sadly, the tea bags were for advertising only and are not available for purchase. It is too bad too, since such a clever gimmick would undoubtedly drive some serious sales of plain old chamomile tea. Even three or four in a box would have people trying to collect all of the possible images just for fun.  It would be something like toys in cereal for adults.

BOH Transforming Tea Bag (You Tube Image)BOH Transforming Tea Bag (You Tube Image)

This idea could work for a number of teas. For instance, a morning tea like English Breakfast Tea could have a sun rise. Many fruit teas could have a flower transform into the fruit. It could even be more commercial with a logo melting into another image such as a steaming cup of tea. 

Tea is one of the oldest beverages on earth -- right up there with beer. It is so old that the history has become more myth than fact and the stories differ from culture to culture. It is a drink so popular that it has exploded over the past 50 years with the creation of specialty teas such as the Celestial Seasonings line of teas.

Whichever tea is your, er, cup of tea, you can't go wrong so settle in, relax, and enjoy.

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