Want This New Innovation? Titanic Gravy Boat

For some reason, despite all of our hopes, dreams, and best intentions, family dinners tend to turn into emotional disasters. With a Titanic Gravy Boat you can symbolize the impending disaster, flood your mashed potatoes, and get the kids to stop asking why it is called a gravy boat when it doesn't look like a boat. It's a win-win-win. And it's darn cute too.

Titanic Gravy BoatTitanic Gravy Boat

This ceramic replica of the famous ship holds 16 ounces of gravy which pours through the hole in the hull. You can let it take you on a mental sea voyage to avoid those difficult conversations you don't want to face -- like why aren't you married, or when are you going to get a "real" job. Just take care that you don't leap up on the table shouting "I'm king of the world!" That could lead to additional family drama.

You and your siblings could also use it to stage a historical reenactment to have it crash into the iceberg of mashed potatoes that one of you has already carved into a model of Devil's Tower like in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Then see how long it takes mom to complain about you playing with your food. You don't have to be 8 anymore to get that speech.

Since I don't drink I would be tempted to save the disaster for dessert and serve the Titanic full of hot fudge and let it crash into a major ice cream iceberg on my plate.  With my family, if I did drink, I would fill it with whisky and let it sink me.

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