Want This New Innovation? Toasted Selfies

It is totally the age of the selfie. We used to take them with film cameras, but they never seemed very satisfying since you couldn't see it until you had the film developed. And people thought we were into instant gratification back then! Well, what else can you do with a selfie these days besides sharing them on Facebook and Twitter? How about having your favorite emblazoned on your morning toast? It is called the Toasted Selfie.

Toasted Selfie (Image via Cool Things)Toasted Selfie (Image via Cool Things)

After a great deal of wrangling around with the idea, the Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation has moved on from pictures of Jesus and Mary being toasted into your daily bread, to working out a way to customize your toaster with the image that you want to see on your toast each and every morning.

Toasted Selfie (Image via Cool Things)Toasted Selfie (Image via Cool Things)

Each toaster comes equipped with customized plates that have been worked to ensure that your likeness will be well-toasted into every slice of toast you make. All you need to do is upload your favorite selfie -- the bigger and less detailed the better -- and let them take it from there. 

Toasted Selfie (Image via Cool Things)Toasted Selfie (Image via Cool Things)

Each image is first manipulated to make sure that the image will appear well on the toast. Then this information is transferred to a plasma cutter to create the plates that will go into the toaster. The toasters are all white but come with your choice of one of five accent colors.

It does seem that this new product will give a whole new meaning to the phrase "bite me." And what does one choose to spread on one's face in this situation? It makes butter and jam seem so much more personal than it ever was before. Oh, what the heck -- bon apetit!

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