Want This New Innovation? Wine Glasses With A Nose Job

Wine glasses have been around for a long time and while they come in different shapes and sizes, there has been little change to the basic design. That is until the Silhouette Sense-Enhancing Wine Glass came along. With its unique shape it allows the wine drinker to fully enjoy the nose. For wine drinker with big noses it allows them to enjoy the taste without hitting themselves in the nose with the glass.

 Silhouette Sense-Enhancing Wine GlassSilhouette Sense-Enhancing Wine Glass

A great deal of our sense of taste is directly linked to our sense of smell and wine is largely about the aroma, bouquet, or "nose" of the liquid. The Sense-Enhancing Wine Glass is designed to allow the human nose to be a full part of the wine experience. It gives a whole new meaning for getting a "snoot full" when drinking.

When I first saw the glass it reminded me of a friend of mine who complained about how much she hated wine flutes because they always hit her in the nose. She doesn't really have a big nose either. She just has a high enough nasal arch to create an issue with flutes. With this glass she could really enjoy her Cabernet Sauvignon without the chance of breaking her nose.

Silhouette Sense-Enhancing Wine GlassSilhouette Sense-Enhancing Wine Glass

It is the sort of wine glass that would suit Cyrano De Bergerac, Jimmy Durante, or Maxwell Q. Klinger (a.k.a. Jamie Farr, M*A*S*H) to a T. So if you are a wine lover and a "boogie woogie bugle beak" this glass is truly for you. It will let your honker completely join the party and possibly even make you the envy of all those people with tiny noses.

These goblets designed specifically for nasal appraisal are 24% lead crystal and made in the Czech Republic. The notched rim not only allows greater nose access, it also allows the wine to "breathe" faster and more efficiently. This helps create not only the perfect glass of wine, but a more intimate wine experience.

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