Want This New Innovation? Your Own Viking Ship? Uffda!

For those of us of Scandinavian descent are often interested in learning about the history of our homelands and connecting with the Viking life of our ancestors. If you've got the bucks you can have your own Viking Ship built to order, whether a Knarr, a Karve, or a Longship by contacting The Viking Ship Museum in Denmark.

Viking Ship (Image via Culture Nordic)Viking Ship (Image via Culture Nordic)

Viking Ships have been around for thousands of years and their early development dates back to the Stone Age. There are a variety of ships, not just the Longship that most people are familiar with. As with other ships, the type of ship depends on what it will be used for -- smaller ships were used for fishing and traveling along the coast and the larger ships were used for ocean voyages. 

The Viking Ship Museum is located on the Roskilde Fjord on the Island of Zealand in Denmark. It is the historical capital of the Viking world where the ancient kings and queens are buried. It is from this place that the Viking invasions of Russia, Britain, and France were launched. The museum is a working, living museum where craftsmen work with traditional tools to re-discover the technology and skills the Vikings used in their remarkable ship building.

 Viking Longship (Image via Culture Nordic)Viking Longship (Image via Culture Nordic)

The boatyard at the museum crafts and produces authentic, traditional Scandinavian and Viking Ships for sale (and for sail). The price depends on both the size and the production method used. The more authenticity to the Viking Age the more labor-intensive the project. For example, the saw had not yet been invented at the time of the Vikings. 

When it comes to price you can be looking at around $25,000 to more than $500,000 depending on what you have your heart set on. Uffda! That's a lot of bucks.

Viking Ship Being Built (Image via Culture Nordic)Viking Ship Being Built (Image via Culture Nordic)

So, would I like to have one of these beautiful ships of my ancestors? Ya sure, you betcha! Can I afford one? I already have the Viking ship I can afford. It is about four inches long and hangs from the inside of my front door. The cat pounds on it when she wants out. Uffda!

For now I will settle for that, my drinking horn, and a plate of lefse. What? Lutefisk? Just say NOOOOOOO!

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