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Want This New Innovation? Zombie Boot Camp

Are you really ready for a zombie apocalypse? Are you sure? You may have your zombie survival kit and your zombie survival guide, but do you have the skills in place to fight back when the war begins? You can take care of that one "minor" detail by enrolling in Zombie Boot Camp and learning all the techniques you will need to know to save the human race.

Zombie Boot Camp (Image via Facebok)Zombie Boot Camp (Image via Facebok)

In a compound in Droitwich, England, a team of expert military instructors trained specifically to battle fictional, imaginary characters has been assembled to train the public to handle the imminent zombie threat. Once the apocalypse begins there will be no time for training. You need to be able to hit the ground running. And these are just the guys to get you to that point.

Upon your arrival at boot camp you will be issued protective gear to aid you in your training. You will then be sorted into groups.

Zombie Boot Camp (Image via Facebok)Zombie Boot Camp (Image via Facebok)

You'll be given full weapons training in firearms and grenades as you learn the necessary survival skills. You will be briefed on the best ways to "kill" the undead. Then, to begin your training you will be sent into a mock government facility that you will need to secure and lock down. Once the threat has been neutralized, you will be evacuated to the Patrol Base for redeployment.

Zombie Boot Camp (Image via Facebok)Zombie Boot Camp (Image via Facebok)

The main mission will have you enter a creepy empty warehouse heavily infested with the intention of clearing it of the zombie hordes. For this exercise everyone will be separated into pairs and choose cool nicknames. You'll run down corridors and have the chance at hand to hand combat when you run out of ammo. You will really get your adrenalin pumping as you use fake grenades and try to take out zombies before they can get to you and snack on your brains. Apparently that is a delicacy to them. 

Zombie Boot Camp (Image via Facebok)Zombie Boot Camp (Image via Facebok)

This whole teeth-clenching experience will likely feel like the longest day of your life and yet it only takes four hours. The whole adventure will run you £89 or about $152. Sounds like a bargain when it means that you will be ready to defend yourself against an army of zombies.

Zombie Boot Camp (Image via Facebok)Zombie Boot Camp (Image via Facebok)

Everything you need is provided. All you need to bring are your wits. We all know that this will leave some people defenseless, but don't take it too seriously. After all, this is coming to you from the same country that brought you "Shaun of the Dead."

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