Want This New Invention? Bamboo Weight Calculator

It seems that just about everyone is fighting the battle of the bulge. Many of these same people are concerned about the environment. So exactly where do these two aspects of a person meet? Right here with the Bamboo Weight Calculator, also known as the Wooden Weight Calculator. This scale may not be as accurate, but it is far more fun!

Bamboo Weight Calculator (Image via Yanko Design)Bamboo Weight Calculator (Image via Yanko Design)

The scale, designed by Lei Shi and Yujie Hong, is made of a curved piece of yellow bamboo. The bamboo curls back on itself and a tab of the bamboo with the weight measurements marked on it that fits back into the other end. The heavier you are the further the scale sticks out its tongue to tell you how much you weigh. If it says "Ahhhhhh!" you may need to lose some weight.

The science behind this odd item is the ratio between the tenacity of the bamboo to the object being weighed. It is nowhere near as accurate as a regular scale, since it may well react to factors such as humidity, but it is really cool.

 Bamboo Weight Calculator (Image via Yanko Design)Bamboo Weight Calculator (Image via Yanko Design)

Should the scale break it doesn't have to go straight into a landfill like other scales. The bamboo is biodegradable. The design is so modern looking and elegant in its simplicity that it makes a lovely addition to your bathroom or bedroom decor. It is also something that will have your houseguests talking about how amazing your home is for a long time.

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Laurie Kay Olson
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