Want This New Invention? A Circular Cubicle Workstation

There are times when it is difficult to find a quiet, private space to relax quietly and get something done -- for work or play. The Italian design firm Campeggi has created a new cubicle style that they call Tuttomio and it is something that really turns the old cubicle around. And around. And around. It rather resembles a giant Solo cup that you might play beer pong with.

Campeggi Tuttomio (Image via Campeggi)Campeggi Tuttomio (Image via Campeggi)

With the compact design and rotating wall so that you can shut out the world makes me think of the "cone of silence" from the old television show Get Smart. While that was meant to allow two people to talk in complete silence, this one is meant to allow someone to rotate the walls to allow the user to hide inside an inverted semi-cone shape.

You can also leave the "cone" open to make sure that people know you are accessible. This is perfect for the home office worker. When the cone is closed the kids are not allowed to interrupt unless there is blood showing. When the cone is open then the world can have limited permission to interrupt.

Campeggi Tuttomio (Image via Campeggi)Campeggi Tuttomio (Image via Campeggi)

It doesn't look like there is any storage with the desk inside the cone, so if you need files they will need to be kept outside. However, it is the perfect space for when you have to just concentrate. For my home business, I have no physical files. Everything would fit in the cubicle and allow me a nice space to work.

The Campeggi Tuttomio was designed by Emanuele Magini with an idea that is something like two lounge chairs that ran into one another during a time of some kind of cosmic instability. Tuttomio means "all mine" in Italian and this wonderful little workspace is just for one and would be all yours.

Campeggi Tuttomio (Image via Campeggi)Campeggi Tuttomio (Image via Campeggi)

One of the coolest things about this cone is that it is mounted on wheels so that you can move it from one place to another as you may need. And, since both sides of the cone rotate, if you are going to leave it open you can choose your direction.

Since the size is just large enough for a laptop and mouse, and perhaps a small phone, you need to be a minimalist worker. As a writer, that would be all I would need. However, anyone with claustrophobia may want to pass on this design -- at least until the next generation has windows in it. 

One of the handier things about the Campeggi Tuttomio is that whatever mess you may be inclined to work with can also be neatly shut away from the world as well. Just my kind of work space.

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