Want This New Invention? Dinner for One ONLY

"Table for one" has long been one of the most damning phrases ever uttered. Trying to eat at a restaurant without a drive-thru when you are on your own can be challenging and emotionally crushing. People keep asking if you are waiting for someone, they put you at the worst table in the place, or the wait staff ignores you outright. One restaurant in the Netherlands opened this month with the express purpose of being there for the single diner. It is called Eenmaal.

Eenmaal -- AmsterdamEenmaal -- Amsterdam

The interior of this unusual and temporary Amsterdam eatery is intentionally spare to emphasize the pleasure of eating alone without the fear of negative judgment. Owner Marina van Goor is taking a bold step to counter the stereotype of the lone diner being a pathetic loser.  In fact her diners report that by not being with others they are able to enjoy taste more intensely.

The chef creates gourmet four-course meals that cost about $48, including drink (such as wine or champagne). Each meal is made from high-quality, organic, and locally grown produce. 

Eenmaal -- AmsterdamEenmaal -- Amsterdam

For entertainment you are welcome to bring a book or magazine, but you will find that there is no Wi-Fi available. The idea is to allow diners to completely disconnect from the world, if only for the space of a meal. 

You won't have to go to Amsterdam to try the concept. This location is just the beginning. Van Goor is planning to open the same concept in London, Berlin, and the U.S. by the end of the year. She wants to spread the word that eating alone is not only okay, but something to be desired.

Eenmaal means "once" in Dutch and is meant to denote a single meal for a single person.

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Apr 27, 2014
by Anonymous

Dining alone "emotionally

Dining alone "emotionally crushing"? Hardly. If someone can't have a meal without someone else there to complain about it with, I think they need help. Next you'll be claiming one needs a partner to have a valid sex life.