Want This New Invention? EZ Leaps Teach Shoe Tying

Growing up is full of a number of leaps and bounds: learning to crawl, learning to walk, and learning the ABCs. One of those leaps that kids often struggle with is learning how to tie their shoes. It can be a real challenge to their fledgling motor skills. EZLeaps Shoe Tying Tool has been designed to help kids learn this important task in a fun and colorful way with a simple and inexpensive tool.

EZLeaps Shoe Tying ToolEZLeaps Shoe Tying Tool

This is a skill that I remember struggling with myself back in the Dark Ages. It was a frustrating challenge day after day. Then, suddenly, there the skill was, permanently imprinted in my brain. It would have been wonderful to have had a tool that would have helped me learn this skill and reduced my frustration in a fun way.

EZLeaps Shoe Tying ToolEZLeaps Shoe Tying Tool

Eileen Sloan, a wife, mother, and former elementary school teacher who has often witnessed the struggle of children as they learned to tie their shoes. Though she searched, she could not find anything on the market at the time to address the issue. It was there that she found the necessity that was crying for an invention.

EZLeaps Shoe Tying ToolEZLeaps Shoe Tying Tool

Enter the EZLeaps Shoe Tying Tool. This small card teaches children how to tie their shoes for the first time. It's simple, saves time for both parents and children, and just pops off at the end.

EZLeaps come with a variety of designs that appeal to both boys and girls -- and even adults who might be struggling to relearn the task after a brain or other injury or illness

Shoe tying isn't rocket science and with EZLeaps Shoe Tying Tool it can seem a little less like it to your child.

Source: EZLeaps

EZLeaps Shoe Tying ToolEZLeaps Shoe Tying Tool

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