Want This New Invention? Floating Beach Cabana

After the winter from hell, summer is here and we will soon be seeking ways to cool off. One great way is to buy your own island -- well sort of. You can buy your own floating beach cabana with the SportsStuff Cabana Islander to have your favorite body of water within arm's reach. It even comes with a 16 quart floating cooler for those all-important snacks and beverages.

portsStuff Cabana IslanderportsStuff Cabana Islander

This ingenious, one-of-a-kind product is a great and affordable way to create a memorable and relaxing summer. For those with imagination you can pretend to be on Cleopatra's barge floating down the Nile. If your imagination is also on vacation you can relax with a good book, or your best friends. Summer is the perfect time for an idle drift on the water.

portsStuff Cabana IslanderportsStuff Cabana Islander

The cabana is constructed of a heavy-duty PVC frame and body, and has a detachable nylon top. It seats six for summer lounging comfort. In the middle there is a swimming portal for easy access to the water. There is even an inflated ramp for boarding. The cooler can be tethered to the cabana by a grommet so that your munchies don't do a runner and disappear. The water lounge itself also has an anchor "system" so that you don't float too far from your port of call.

 portsStuff Cabana IslanderportsStuff Cabana Islander

The cabana does not have to used only on the water. It can be used on dry land too for a fun party or barbecue. With this one item you can provide a central focal point for your entertaining -- and it takes only about 25 minutes to set up.

Let's face it. This could be the adult version of the playhouse you always wanted as a kid and it is so cool all the kids are going to want to play with you. Just don't forget the sunscreen!

Source: Leisure Pro