Want This New Invention? Giant Inflatable Cockroach

Cockroaches aren't exactly the sort of creature think fondly of. After all they are vermin and we spend a great deal of time and trying to kill them off. There is one amazing, fun giant cockroach -- it is THE giant cockroach from GiantCockroach.com. It is big. It is brown. It is ready to invade the pools and beaches near you. (Insert kitschy sci-fi scream here.)

Giant CockroachGiant Cockroach

This creepy cockroach is 6 feet tall and 40 inches wide. Just think of the possibilities! Scaring your mom and your sister -- that's just the beginning. Floating in the pool or the surf -- kid's stuff. Creating your own sci-fi movie for YouTube -- now you are talking! Taking it through the drive through and asking it what it wants -- inspired! Sneaking it in to scare friends who've had too much to drink -- questionable. It is up to your imagination. Just leave it tasteful and legal.

Giant CockroachGiant Cockroach

The website touts the giant cockroach will become the top novelty gift among the counter-culture. Honestly, I don't consider all of the nerds and geeks I know who would love this exactly counter-culture. This could actually find a niche in the mainstream with anyone who has a sense of humor.

This IS a great idea for a gift for any of your friends who are into creepy-crawlies. The website also points out that if dad thinks he has everything he can think again when you give him this one! And, of course, this is a natural for one of those wild pool parties where you can serve "bug juice" and gummy worms.

Giant CockroachGiant Cockroach

While the roach meets all U.S. safety standards, it is not intended for children under 12 years of age. Reminder: never leave a child unattended in the pool.

One last note: The giant cockroach is shipped in a plain brown box, just in case you need to protect your reputation, or hide the contents from a family member.

Source: GiantCockroach.com