Want This New Invention? Microwave S'Mores Maker

At this time is year there is nothing quite as lovely as gathering around the campfire, roasting marshmallows on sticks, and making them into S'mores. It makes you dream of getting to have them at home. To make that dream come true -- and easy -- a Microwave S'mores Maker is just the thing. Just as tasty without the burned ones -- and without dropping any in the dirt.

Microwave S'Mores MakerMicrowave S'Mores Maker

For those who have lived an incredibly sheltered life, a S'more is a delightful campground dessert loved by millions. It is a toasted marshmallow squeezed with part of a Hershey bar between two graham crackers. It is the favored end to a day of camping. Most of us grew up on these delicacies, whether as scouts or as campers.

The Microwave S'mores Maker allows you to make 2 of the marshmallow sandwiches in just 30 seconds. Two little arms hold the ingredients in place to keep the marshmallows from over expanding. Clean up is easy since this gadget is dishwasher safe. 

Microwave S'Mores MakerMicrowave S'Mores Maker

To make a S'more all you need to do is fill the water reservoir, place your graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows in the tray, flip down the arms to hold everything in place, and heat. This means more S'mores all year long!

Turn everyday into summer with a Microwave S'mores Maker. To order one for yourself or your favortie gadget lover, click here.

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