Want This New Invention? Monkey Brains Bowl

So you are throwing a party and you want to make it fancy enough for the Maharajah of Pankot. All right you have to be pretty nerdy to know who that is. He was the big shot in the dinner scene from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. He was thrilled to serve chilled monkey brains for dessert and now you can be too with this really wild Monkey Brains Bowl.

Monkey Brains BowlMonkey Brains Bowl

Okay, don't start looking for recipes for monkey brains. I'm not saying you can't find them, but you would have problems trying to find monkey brains for sale. However, you can use it to serve so many other things at your party and freak out your friends. I'm thinking that it would be a delightfully creepy way to serve guacamole.

You don't need to be throwing a dinner of doom to use a monkey brain bowl. You could also use it for one of those island-themed parties right along with some sinister-looking tikis and blow up plastic palm trees. Of course, this is the perfect addition to your annual Halloween bash.

Monkey Brains BowlMonkey Brains Bowl

Just be aware -- the bowl is not dishwasher safe and cannot be used in the microwave. It comes with a plastic insert so that you can eat out of it and remove it for cleaning.

The bowl is also something that can be used as the perfect desk accessory to hold your pens and pencils. It can also help keep away those pesky coworkers who just want to stop by and talk when you have a deadline to meet.

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