Want This New Invention? The Napkin Table

There is nothing quite as romantic as a lovely picnic for two in a park, along a riverbank, or on top a mountain. Sometimes the romance can be interrupted by trying to keep the glasses upright, uneven ground for the plates, and unwanted spillaage. Designers in Taiwan have come up with the answer -- a tiny, folding table for two -- the Napkin Portable Dining Table.

Napkin Portable Dining Table (You Tube Image)Napkin Portable Dining Table (You Tube Image)

The ingenious design starts as a small carry-case that folds out to provide a flat surface for plates and flatware. All you do is slide a latch into place to hold the table open and flat. It is supported by bibs/napkins that snap around the neck of each person. In that move you are connected to your partner, AND saved from food dropping down your shirt. There are even cup holders to hold your drinks nice and steady.

If this is a truly romantic outing you will have to make adjustments. There shall be no billing and cooing during the meal since you are separated by the table. However, the table is small enough that you can still hold hands and look deeply and meaningfully into one another's eyes. And don't lean on this table -- perish the thought that you should accidentally strangle your beloved!

Napkin Portable Dining Table (You Tube Image)Napkin Portable Dining Table (You Tube Image)

Still, if you turn to a more practical side, it is a handy little thing that could slide easily into a backpack for a bit of civilization along the hiking or biking trail. It could also be a place to play cards if you are a bit on the fastidious side and aren't into dealing with dust and dirt.

The Napkin Table was designed by graduates of industrial design from the Tunghai University in Taiwan.  Part of the idea behind the design, in addition to providing a handy dining surface, is to help create an environment of interpersonal communication unhindered by technology.

The only potential design flaw that I can see is in how it works with people of different heights. If the neck straps are already adjustable, then there is no problem. If not, it is a quick and easy design fix. 

Strange as it may be, I am adding the Napkin Table to my wish list! I just don't know how the cat is going to like wearing the other end.

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