Want This New Invention? A Never Ending Slinky

It seems that just about everyone in the United States has owned a Slinky at one time or another. The mesmerizing toy has been around for decades and has entertained generations of young and the young at heart. The main problem with the Slinky was finding a staircase long enough to really be able to indulge in watching the metal spring "walk" its way downstairs. One company is seeking funding on Kickstarter to sell "A Never-Ending Slinky Machine" to keep those springs walking.

A Never Ending SlinkyA Never Ending Slinky

The Slinky was invented in the 1940s by Richard James. You could look at it as James reinvented the spring. The Slinky is a precompressed helical spring that is capable of doing a number of tricks, most notably the ability to walk downstairs under its own power. It has been so popular for so many years that in 2000 it was inducted into the toy hall of fame.

It would seem that after more than 70 years all the possible Slinky variations would have been exhausted, but one company in the United Kingdom has come up with something new -- a never-ending Slinky machine. It really amounts to little more than a treadmill for your Slinky, but, like everything else connected with the Slinky, it is totally cool.

With more than two weeks left to go, Creatable Labs has already surpassed their £20,000 crowd-funding goal. It shows that the Slinky is still something that has us in its power. With this simple little machine your Slinky can walk across your desk in perpetuity. It will put a number of other desk toys to shame.

While the machine itself is fairly simple, it was not so simple to create. They had many "little" technical issues to work out -- how long is the distance for each step, what speed works best, what incline is the most effective to achieve perpetual motion, and how to keep the Slinky walking straight.

A Never Ending SlinkyA Never Ending Slinky

For those of you out there with a bent for creation, the Never Ending Slinky will also be offered as a kit so that you can build it yourself. The machine comes in a selection of colors -- aluminum, white, or black. Custom laser engraving is also available for company logos or special messages.

To be among the first to own A Never-Ending Slinky Machine there is still time for you to make a pledge. Shipping to the U.S., Canada, and Europe is free.

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Jul 2, 2014
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Great news thanks for sharing

Great news thanks for sharing