Want This New Invention? A Personal Drone Air Purifier

Having clean air to breathe is an issue that affects all of us. As industry expands it becomes a larger and farther-reaching concern -- especially in countries like China where pollution legislation is limited. How can you deal with making sure you have clean air to breathe? Designer Michal Pospeich of Poland's Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts has created the UrbanCONE -- a personal drone that purifies the air around a person.

Personal Air Purifying DronePersonal Air Purifying Drone

While the drone looks like a pine cone on steroids, the basic design was inspired by the jellyfish. These distinctive flaps have air filters underneath to clean the air in the micro-atmosphere around a person. The idea is to help reduce the health problems being caused by air pollution.

The drone is designed with the possible future of our world with increased pollution and the increased difficulty in breathing. China is already an example where the pollution is sometimes so bad that people must wear masks to go outside in some cities. 

Personal Air Purifying DronePersonal Air Purifying Drone

While the UrbanCONE does not address the larger problem of air pollution overall and possible solutions to that problem, it is an interesting design concept. This is not a product going into production. It is a part of the semi-finalist concepts of the 2014 Electrolux Design Lab competition.

An additional "value" of the drone is that aromas can be added to the air filters to allow each person to customize their microclimate with a fragrance that suits them. It will be interesting to see how far this design will go in this competition.

Personal Air Purifying DronePersonal Air Purifying Drone

It would also be interesting to see how something like this would affect people who are already paranoid and believe they are being followed around anyway.

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