Want A New Look In Bath Towels? Think Crop Circles

Crop circles are enigmatic, mysterious, and even beautiful. You will soon be able to bring those qualities to your bathroom with Crop Circle Towels. They come in an array of greens and have real crop circle designs laid into the terry cloth field. You may never find such unique towels for beach and bath in your lifetime again.

The Crop Circle Towel (You Tube Image)The Crop Circle Towel (You Tube Image)

Most people don't realize that the first recorded crop circle was back in 1674 in England. They are not a modern phenomenon at all. Whether they are caused by human hands, weather, or aliens, they are all pretty incredible.

The Crop Circle Beach Towel (Image via Kickstarter)The Crop Circle Beach Towel (Image via Kickstarter)

The towels are the design of Anatoliy Olemchenko of Brooklyn, New York. They are environmentally friendly and made of 100% Carded Cotton, which also makes them fluffy and comfortable. He sought crowd-funding on Kickstarter and was successful. The rewards will be sent out in late May and mass production should start soon after that. 

The Crop Circle Bath Towel (Image via Kickstarter)The Crop Circle Bath Towel (Image via Kickstarter)

The towels come in three colors and sizes, each with its own crop circle design. The largest (28x59 inches) is a beach towel that comes in forest green. The bath towel (28x39.5 inches) comes in green tea. The smallest is the hand towel (20x29.9 inches) and it comes in a lovely yellow-green. As for wash cloths -- well -- you are on your own for now.

The Crop Circle Hand Towel (Image via Kickstarter)The Crop Circle Hand Towel (Image via Kickstarter)

Naturally the towels are machine washable and can be tumble dried on low. If you want to know when these towels will be ready for regular purchase, sign up on the Crop Circle Towel website to be notified.

The Crop Circle Towels (Image via The Crop Circle Towel)The Crop Circle Towels (Image via The Crop Circle Towel)

These towels are so cool that you will amaze and enchant guests to your home. This is also the sort of thing that would make a great gift, especially for those people who want to believe that "they" are out there (like me).

The Crop Circle Towels are also a great and green way to keep crop circles around for longer than a single growing season. That is unless you want to start making your own in the houseplants. Wouldn't your cat love to see that in her pot of kitty grass?

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