Want A New Piano? Why Not Get A Space-Age One?

Pianos . . . the final frontier . . . Okay, maybe not. But this piano is the newest and most major change since the instrument was first invented over 300 years ago. It is the Boganyi Piano or as some are calling it "the bat piano" since it looks like Batman would play it in the Bat Cave. Almost every one of the nearly 18,000 components has been rethought and redesigned for a "sound beyond time."

The Boganyi Piano (You Tube Image)The Boganyi Piano (You Tube Image)

Earlier this month a new piano design was unveiled in Hungary by pianist Gergely Boganyi. "It is said that old pianos sound friendly, velvety, while new ones are stronger and more powerful. I was hoping for both." Boganyi has explained. That would make this the ultimate in piano acoustics.

While the piano does have a sleek modern look the changes go deeper than that. The design of the piano's exterior itself is meant to maximize the sound being produced through the shape of the two front legs. The third back leg no longer exists. Much of the cast iron sides have been removed to open up the movement of the sound. The wild curves of the design are used to get a more powerful and balanced sound.

The Boganyi Piano (You Tube Image)The Boganyi Piano (You Tube Image)

A new sound board made of 20 carbon composite layers is said to provide a more organic sound.  A new type of mechanism that allows the strings to apply minimal pressure on the sound board. The overall design also attempted to remove the temperamental issues that pianos have always faced from variations in temperature, humidity, and other vagaries of life.

Renowned jazz pianist Gerald Clayton gave the Boganyi a try and said that he felt like he was playing an entirely new kind of instrument. "The sound almost feels as if you're in a bubble, it's so clear," he said. "It's a new sensation."

The creation of this piano took Boganyi and his team more than ten years. While no specific price has been placed on the new piano, the estimated price will be in the neighborhood of a quarter of a million dollars. And that is some neighborhood.

My mother was a pianist and she often despaired over the falling quality of commercial pianos. I wish she could have lived to see the Boganyi. She would be truly impressed with everything -- except maybe the price.

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