Want A New Taste In Sausage? How About Burrito?

Sausage is pretty tasty stuff and there is a whole lot you can do with it from spaghetti and chili, to omelets and sandwiches. Inventor Spot writer John Barker recently made a tasty meatloaf from Italian sausage. Any innovation in sausage can go a long way. In New Zealand a man in advertising has chosen to marry the banger (sausage) with a burrito. The resulting Bangerrito has been taking the lands down under by storm.

Bangerritos (Image via imgur)Bangerritos (Image via imgur)

The "bangers" are made from fresh free-range pork and ingredients that you would often find in burritos -- such as black beans and cilantro. Of course the seasonings in the meat are the same as those found in Mexican food. It may seem like a strange pairing at first, but when you realize that much Mexican food is made with pork, it starts to make some really tasty sense.

The Bangerrito can be cooked up, tucked into a tortilla, and then topped with your favorite burrito toppings like lettuce, salsa, guacamole, and sour cream for a quick and special meal. I could see still using them for that favorite of British meals -- bangers and mash.

Bangerritos (Image via Facebook)Bangerritos (Image via Facebook)

The packaging was designed to be strongly reminiscent of a tortilla and there is a picture of a pig wearing a sombrero on the front. It is also made with recycled paper and uses vegetable inks. The company is committed to being eco-friendly.

Veggie, chicken, and beef versions are also in the works. Of course, the ultimate goal is to create a world-wide Bangerritos empire. I, for one, will welcome them to the United States. They sound odd, but really tasty. My frying pan is open for business as soon as they get here!

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