Want This New Trend? Flower Beards

Women have been weaving flowers into their hair for centuries. Men -- not so much. Flowers have never seemed to be much of a guy thing unless it was for scientific study or as a part of their farm crops. The times they are a-changin'. The latest trend on the internet (and in the art of flower arranging) is Flower Beards and the photos are here to prove it!

Flower BeardFlower Beard

Photo Credit: Sarah Winward

Men everywhere have started placing flowers in their beards to create strangely beautiful floral arrangements. It all started with a project called "Will It Beard" by Pierre Thiot on his Tumblr blog. In the blog Thiot sought to see what would stick in his beard -- from Legos and Cheetos, to toy soldiers and straws. Perhaps the most compelling photo, certainly the prettiest photo, was that of this beard and mustache decked out in pink flowers. It is from the photo that the trend took its cue. "Be sure to wear flowers in your beard," he wrote.

Flower BeardFlower Beard

Photo Credit: Pierre Thiot/Will It Beard

Men have been taking his advice. While some of the photos traveling the internet appear to be professionally done, it is something that any man can do for himself. And you don't need to get expensive with it either. Even a few stylish dandelions will do.

Flower BeardFlower Beard

Photo Credit: Cloe Ashton

If you still aren't sure about how flowers will affect your masculinity, then you could just settle for a bit of greenery -- like a few strands of ivy, bits of moss, or even some manly pine needles. If you garden your own veg you could use the thinnings from your lettuce and carrots for a quality look.

 Flower BeardFlower Beard

Photo Credit: Carissa Gallo

Now, Thiot is not likely to be the first to come up with putting flowers in his beard. After all, the Flower Children of the 1960s were big on blossoms and made a statement out of wearing flowers in their hair. No doubt a few of those blooms migrated into the beards that were common among the subculture.

Flower BeardFlower Beard

Photo Credit: Ashley Thalman

Since these hirsute bouquets are hard to water, you will want to take a photo to remember it by.

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