Want A New Way To Crack Nuts?

It is that time of year to indulge in the enjoyment of fresh nuts and practice our skills at getting them out of the shell. There doesn't seem to have been much improvement in nutcrackers since Tchaikovsky turned one into a popular ballet -- until now. The Naomi Nut Cracker can take aim and smash your nut in seconds and it is a lot more fun than the old fashioned kind.

Naomi Nut Cracker (You Tube Image)Naomi Nut Cracker (You Tube Image)

With the holidays here you are likely to have the requisite bowl of walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, and pecans on the coffee table for your guests to snack on as your party gets underway. With the Naomi your party would be off to a much zingier start as your guests take turns trying their hand at cracking nuts with a spring. There is something just naturally appealing about playing with a spring and this one bounces back with all the velocity and power of a, well, kick in the nuts.

Naomi Nut Cracker (Image via Gizmodo))Naomi Nut Cracker (Image via Gizmodo))

You just place your nut of choice (family and friends excluded) onto the provided base, pull up on the spring and let fly. Thwack! Your nut is out of the shell and you've just let go of some of those unresolved anger issues you've had since the third grade. I don't know about you, but I see this and I envision my bad aim leading to me cracking my thumb instead. Hopefully the design would prevent this.

This is just the thing for the gadget "nut" who has everything. If you are going to get one for Christmas you had better get cracking. This item ships from Japan. To order a Naomi Nut Cracker for yourself or as a gift, click here

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