Want A New Way To Hang Up Your Keys?

If there is one thing that most of us have in common it is the innate ability to lose our keys. Sure, you can hang one of those standard key holders by the door, but that doesn't always work when you stumble in the door dead tired from a long day of work and running errands. Trying to get your key ring onto one of those hooks can be a real challenge. The Key Target offers a different option that allows you to just toss your keys at the key holder and there they stay.

Key TargetKey Target

Even on those days when life hasn't worn you out, you can make a game of working on your aim when you come in the door. There is nothing like adding a little play to one of the small moments of the day.

This target is made of decorative beech wood with strong magnets inside to hold your keys, or whatever other metal object you need close at hand. It may not fit with everyone's decor, but it only measures only 8½ inches in diameter so it isn't an intrusive piece.

Key TargetKey Target

You can even keep a few empty key rings around to turn your key holder into a fun rainy day activity that doesn't require a computer. This also makes a great gift for that college student to have in his or her dorm room

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