Want A New Way To Ingest Coffee? How About Coffee Balls?

Every summer comes the fair season and with it comes the battle for the most memorable food that can be eaten off a stick or with your fingers. This year the top contender appears to be Deep-Fried Coffee Balls. It is a simple idea that has coffee lovers drooling and lining up for a taste. The product first showed up earlier this month at the San Diego Fair.

 Deep-Fried Coffee Balls (Image via FoodBeast)Deep-Fried Coffee Balls (Image via FoodBeast)

In past years folks have tried deep-frying just about everything -- like pickles, macaroni and cheese, cookies, candy bars, and even butter. So why wouldn't someone come up with the idea of deep-frying coffee? Coffee grounds are wrapped in pastry dough, fried, dipped in sugar, stuck on a skewer, served in a Starbuck's cup, and topped with whipped cream. It is a calorie-laden treat that is taking the West Coast by storm.

Deep-Fried Coffee Balls (Image via FoodBeast)Deep-Fried Coffee Balls (Image via FoodBeast)

This product is being brought to festivals by Bacon-A-Fair -- a company known for wrapping just about everything in bacon. Perhaps they will wrap one in bacon for next year. It couldn't hurt and would smell like the start of a really good morning.

Source: FoodBeast