Want A New Way To Protect Your Bicycle From Theives?

These days security is at the top of everyone's list. For your bicycle that can mean trying to haul a heavy chain and lock, removing the front wheel, or removing the seat. For one team of men it meant coming up with a better way to keep bicycles safe from theft. Their idea turns a bicycle seat into a secure lock so that you always have the lock with you anywhere you go.

Seatylock (Image via Kickstarter)Seatylock (Image via Kickstarter)

The innovative Seatylock is the brainchild of four friends who come together from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. They have spent the four years since they came up with the idea creating, testing, and innovating. Along the way they added a fifth member to the team. Their bicycle saddle is now ready to become a reality and they have placed their invention on Kickstarter to get the crowdfunding necessary to get it to market.

Seatylock (Image via Kickstarter)Seatylock (Image via Kickstarter)

Once the Seatylock has been installed on your bicycle you can unlock the saddle, remove it from the bike, unfold it, and it turns into a meter-long solid lock. It is fully compatible with any bicycle out there. The unique design has already been fully patented.

The saddle comes in a choice of two models -- Trekking and Comfort. Comfort is wider to cushion more of your butt.  Each model comes in a variety of designs, styles and colors. Just like most bicycle seats it is adjustable to your preferred position -- up, down, forward, backward.

Seatylock (Image via Kickstarter)Seatylock (Image via Kickstarter)

The lock is made of six hardened-steel links that are over molded with plastic to help protect your frame from damage by scratching. The cylinder of the lock is in a hardened-steel housing to protect it against drilling. The adapter is made of sturdy, light-weight aluminum for easy use. 


With 21 days still to go on their Kickstarter campaign, the Seatylock team has raised more than double the pledges that they were asking for. This will make their innovative bicycle locking system a reality in the near future.

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