Want A New Way To Use Rock Hard Butter? Try This Grate Solution!

One of the problems that has faced mankind for many years is how to take rock hard butter that comes out of the refrigerator and make it useable quickly. Another is how to keep people from leaving toast crumbs in the butter. With the Butter Mill by Cooks Innovations the butter dish is a thing of the past and you store your butter in a gadget that grates the butter so that it warms much faster than the pat you would normally use.

 Butter Mill (Image via Cool Things)Butter Mill (Image via Cool Things)

The mill is a cylindrically-shaped container that has a grater built in to one end. Twisting the other end causes the butter to be dispensed in tiny ribbons. With that much surface area being exposed the butter warms to room temperature almost immediately. Then all you need to do is take it off with your knife and spread away. Neither your toast nor your biscuits will be shredded or chilled beyond recognition.

Butter Mill (Image via Cool Things)Butter Mill (Image via Cool Things)

Another advantage to using the Butter Mill is that your butter remains completely sealed so that it will stay fresh longer. If you have been remiss in cleaning, the butter is also safely stored away from those nasty odors that will take up residence in your fridge from time to time. Of course, if you like butter that tastes like onions, sardines, and pickles then that part doesn't matter.

The Butter Mill is also dishwasher safe so you aren't going to get stuck with some detailed hand washing job. The plastic parts are all food safe and BPA-free so you don't need to worry.

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