Want Performance Results? Step Up Your Training With The BSX Insight

BSX InsightBSX Insight

There's a saying that I absolutely love: "Work smarter, not harder." I love it as it applies to nearly everything, especially training for sports and physical performance. The BSX Insight is a "work smarter" product. This wearable device gives you a glimpse inside your muscle, measuring your lactate threshold, so that you absolutely know how much effort you're giving in a training session.

The BSX Insight uses revolutionary technology to measure your lactate threshold. Lactate threshold (LT) training is popular among elite athletes in improving high intensity endurance performance. You may not be familiar with LT training, but odds are you've heard of lactic acid, and you know that too much of it isn't so good (it is usually a signal of muscle soreness, stiffness and inflammation). 

BSX Insight Cycling EditionBSX Insight Cycling Edition

Let me give you the down low on LT training, and why it's probably the smartest way to train for high intensity endurance. Your lactate threshold is the level at which lactate (or lactic acid) starts to accumulate in the blood. When exercising below LT, lactate produced by the muscles is metabolized. When you reach that threshold, lactate levels build.

In general there are three factors that correlate with performance in endurance sports--VO2 max (or aerobic capacity), economy of movement and LT. While VO2 max may indicate an athlete's natural ability and genetic potential, LT can improve significantly with proper training, and that's why a lot of elite endurance athletes build their training programs around LT. 

BSX Insight Running EditionBSX Insight Running Edition

Before BSX Insight, LT was measured in the lab, and to get a true reading, you have to test blood samples. You could always test using averages percentages in relation to VO2 max, but this is usually done in the lab as well, and can get fairly complicated. 

The BSX Insight employs LED lights to "look" into the muscle and analyze unique biosignals. Not only can it detect your LT, but it can give you optimal training zones based on your LT. It uses the same technology as labs and clinics and is as accurate as a blood-based reading.

BSX Insight DashboardBSX Insight Dashboard

The BSX Insight has the added advantages of being wearable, ANT+ compatible and immediately accessable. You get instant feedback on your workouts, and you no longer have to "feel" whether you're pushing too hard or not putting enough into your workout.

You can get the BSX Insight in either the running, cycling or multi-sport editions, and both allow you to not only get instant readings on your LT and LT zones, but they let you store your exercise data and track your progress. You can also share your data.

Find out more about the BSX Insight on their website, including ordering info. The running edition will cost you $300, the cycling $370 and the multi-sport $420. That's quite an investment, but you're getting some advanced technology that's proven to produce results. 

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